Your work matters.
Your work matters for cultural + economic renewal. Want to know why?


What is The Collaborative?

During a lifetime, the average adult spends almost 100,000 hours at work.

Work matters. Most of us spend more time working in a day than we do sleeping. Our jobs are a means to provide for ourselves and our families, and to create stability in our lives. Many of us have been told work is simply "the daily grind," and for some of us, that's true. We've begun to believe that work is, by nature, unsatisfying. Life-taking.

Can our jobs/companies/industries also be a tools that contribute to something greater than ourselves? 

Where we work for the common good, together? Where we create meaning and begin to see our work as something we were designed to do?

One's job, one's company, AND one's industry are all tools. The Collaborative helps people think through the effective use of such tools for the common good.

The Collaborative has been strategically developed to help people connect the dots between work and faith for the purpose of cultural renewal, economic renewal. We equip workers to think beyond the paycheck and find deeper meaning in the place they spend most of their waking hours and energy: their work. Work leads to blessing; blessing of others for the life of the world.

"Culture formation is generational, not birthed in a night." -Makoto Fujimura