Disordered Loves, Gender Embodiment & Holy Curiosity


Our guest today is Dr. Steven Garber, the Senior Fellow for Vocation and the Common Good for the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. It has been said of him that he is a teacher of many people in many places. He has authored numerous books, but his book, Visions of Vocation, Common Grace for the Common Good, is the one that has been extremely meaningful to us at The Collaborative. This book is part of our Gotham curriculum. If you haven’t read it, we would highly recommend it to you.

It will quickly become clear to you during the interview that Dr. Garber is full of wisdom and steeped in life and the Word of God. There is so much hostility around the subject of gender identity. After hearing this episode, our prayer would be that any outrage you have would melt into what Steven called “crying out to Jesus for the misdirected loves.” The energy given over to outrage when shifted towards pleading with our Heavenly Father on someone else’s behalf transforms that energy into empathy. It is sometimes difficult for us to remember that an empathetic response is not an endorsement of someone’s choices.

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