There is so much packed into this week’s episode of our podcast, Nuance. It is hard to identify one main thing because there are so many juicy points. However, one of the big takeaways is perspective, which is good because we are constantly losing it. Our guest today is Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, a Christian ethicist … Read more


Today our podcast, Nuance, is taking a different approach by hearing from mental health counselor, Andy Blanchard. Are you an emotionally healthy worker? How does your emotional state help or hinder your witness for Christ? Episode 4 drops today and highlights the value of our interior life. Part of nurturing our interior life is to … Read more

Nuance S1E3: Champion Your Colleagues with Rev. Rufus Smith

So often when the subject of hospitality comes up, people’s minds immediately gotowards the hosting of parties or dinners. The truth is coordinating gathering is a thinslice of all that hospitality encompasses. Our inability to properly define hospitalitytruncates our understanding of the Gospel and how we are to live it out in our dailylives. This … Read more


Christian citizenship for the Evangelical church and believers has evolved and matured(for the good) especially in recent decades, but this doesn’t make it any easier to liveout faithfully. Dr. Jonathan Chaplin is widely regarded as an expert in Christian politicalthought, which includes political philosophy and various Christian traditions (especiallyReformed, Catholic, and Evangelical.) While we need … Read more


Today, The Collaborative is pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast, Nuance, Being Faithful in the Public Square. Beyond the walls of the church, is where putting our faith into practice can be a struggle. Lately, it feels like Christians are losing this tug-of-war, but we as Christ’s followers have hope even when … Read more

Common Practices

How will the Church in the 21st century “equip the saints for works of service” (Eph. 4:12) for the vast challenges we face in the world today? This seems overwhelming at first blush. But we must not forget that God’s people are touching every area of our cities through their daily work, and it’s the Church’s privilege and responsibility to send out agents of healing through their vocations.

Digital Minimimalism

Occasionally, we try to feature books that help us on our journey of thriving for the glory of God. Given that we are constantly bombarded with technology, this new book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport has caught my attention. In the article below Ryer Carroll, inventor of the Bullet Journal, interviews Cal Newport about his book Digital Minimalism.

What is Responsibility: Part II

Any person who has created something of worth has stories of pain, of late nights, juggled debts, headaches that leave you grinding your palms into your temples wondering why you’re doing this. Just recently, my wife and I started a business together. Building a business is like planting the tiniest seed and holding an umbrella for years over the slowly growing sapling because there’s always a thunderstorm crashing right above your head. Creating and protecting the space for something to grow requires a lot from those who want to see the fruit. I’m not saying it’s not worth it. I’m saying that it’s hard. Every entrepreneur knows that building a business requires sacrifice, much as any artist knows the price of creating anything worthwhile.

What is Responsibility: Part 1

Who we are born to and with is not our decision. Whether our parents were rich or poor, educated or not, these were not options we selected on a tablet while we were riding in the stork’s handkerchief. We are born in the middle of a group of strangers who are immediately responsible for us, and we are ultimately responsible to them.