Sunday School and small groups don't cut it any more.

Deeper, community based, and spiritually focused models, like a Fellowship, are our preferred method.

The three Fellowships we pioneered in the Orlando area since 2017 remain in the discipleship department of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, but still with Dr. Thorp's teaching and consultation.

Hop over there to see the latest and engage:

Orlando Fellows

The Orlando Heart of the City Fellows is a Christ-centered, character formation program for recent college graduates based in the local church. Our mission is to prepare the Fellows to live seamless lives of faith and ‘Start Well’.

Gotham Fellowship

The Gotham Fellowship is a nine-month faith and work fellowship for Christ-centered professionals that integrates three primary elements—theology, spiritual formation, and community formation—for the social, cultural, and spiritual revitalization of our community.

Arts Fellowship

Arts Fellowship Orlando is a unique opportunity for mature Christian creatives in the greater Orlando area to take a six-month exploration into intersection of art and faith.