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Vocational Guilds are an industry specific association of individuals seeking to grow personally in their calling, to more thoughtfully serve their profession and industry, and to align more fully in union with the God.

Through Vocational Guilds, we establish a new vision for our profession, a view beyond our paycheck or status, which includes defining a new standard of how to work through ethical and best practices.

Gathering with those who share a common profession is an opportunity to be encouraged by and learn from those in your industry. It is a chance to hone your craft as well as your soul.

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Learn more about the value of a Vocational Guild in this Collaborative-commissioned article written by Andrzej Turkanik of the Quo Vadis Institute.

Small groups introducing and forming a Vocational Guild are offered on a seasonal basis. Guilds exist for small business entrepreneurs, human resources professionals, stay-at-home parents, banking, educators, IT, and legal professionals.

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