What is Nuance?

Nuance is a podcast of The Collaborative where we wrestle together about living our Christian faith at work. Nuance invites Christians in the workplace to pursue the cultural and economic renewal of the city by living out faith through work.

Each episode, Dr. Case Thorp and Crosland Stuart host conversations with Christian thinkers and leaders at the forefront of some of today's most pressing issues around living a public faith. Together, we'll explore topics like public theology, principled pluralism, common grace, and prophetic voice.

Our hope is that Nuance will equip our viewers with knowledge and wisdom to engage our co-workers, neighbors, and the public square in a way that reflects the beauty and grace of the Gospel.

Watch Season 2 below, or click the button to start on Season 1, Episode 1:

Reverend Scott Sauls, Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, helps us overcome our Biblical amnesia by expanding on those principles that should ground our thinking about all of the gender identity issues facing our culture today.

Andy Crouch challenges us to recognize how technology promotes the disembodied self which further destabilizes our identity. Special Guest: Andy Crouch is partner for theology and culture at Praxis, an organization that works as a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship. His writing explores faith, culture, and the image of God in the domains of technology, power, leadership, and the arts.

Dr. Ryan T. Anderson, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, gives great insight into the harsh realities associated with those who choose the transgender life. Special Guest: Dr. Ryan T. Anderson who is the president of Ethics and Public Policy Center and author of When Harry Became Sally.

Meet the team: Nuance is produced by Candid Goat; Co-hosted by Crosland Stuart; and Co-hosted by Case Thorp.