Why We Do It

Faith + Work =

The Collaborative exists to reframe, restore, and redeem our understanding of what happens at the intersection of faith and work.

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how we think about work.

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the biblical definition of why we work.

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by God's grace, our efforts to see our communities renewed through our work.

The Collaborative is about doubling down as the Church to do our part to "put His whole world right", and yet recognizing we do so at the Lord’s invitation, reliant upon His leading and transformation along the way.

This is what Paul means in 1 Corinthians 3:9 when he writes, "By our labor, we co-labor with God..."

Co-labor, Collaborative, get it?

“…when Christians work in the world, they either assimilate into their culture and support the status quo, or they will be agents of change.”

- Tim Keller

Your Work Matters

The church and American culture are one and the same when it comes to our shared view of work. We may differ slightly on how to spend a paycheck, but we generally view work as transactional—the means to a living wage—rather than a mechanism for transforming society. But transform it does.

Technology work transforms communication.

Artwork unearths deep questions about truth and beauty.

Policy work reframes social interaction.

Entrepreneurial work disrupts the marketplace.

Yet, on the surface of these great movements, our daily work can seem small and cog-like in the larger scheme of things.

But we were not designed to be mere cogs.

We, as image-bearers, were designed to work with a redemptive purpose that infuses our skills, gifts, and professions with dignity and meaning.

The Collaborative moves people to reconsider our relationship with work, erase the divide between faith and everything else, and look at the greater significance of work in our lives.

We deepen people’s Biblical understanding of work and equip them to create a thriving culture.

The Collaborative has purposefully been designed to help people connect the dots between work and faith. Strategically developed to equip workers to think beyond the paycheck and find deeper meaning in the place they spend most of their waking hours: their job.

Teaching the principles of how faith and work can be integrated, The Collaborative helps people make better day-to-day decisions that directly affect Orlando’s cultural and economic renewal.

How We Do It

  • We work for cultural renewal, together. (We call it co-laboring.)
  • We learn in community.
  • We offer substantive, thoughtfully curated content.
  • We seek to revive work by asking different questions about our work - why, what, how.
  • We focus on teaching instead of telling...with technology as a tool, not a totem.
  • We believe the Father leads, we know Christ redeems, and we rejoice the Holy Spirit forms.
  • We equip humans to understand work in the biblical tradition; to serve professions and industries; to derive personal satisfaction from vocation and calling.
  • We connect said humans to strengthen work within particular fields and industries and develop cross-sector partnerships in order to address complex social problems.
  • And we mobilize even more humans to love more deeply all image-bearers, provide clear and consistent calls to action, engage as agents of change for the good of the city, and contribute to the greater faith & work movement.

"...but every day that we find ourselves able to work and serve others in the world, we can do this much: Bear the image and restore the image in the world, making the most of whatever is given us today. That is all, and that is more than enough."

- Andy Crouch

Want to Go Deeper?

Check out our theological underpinnings here.

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