Summer Reads!

SUMMER READS! Last week with the arrival of above 90 temperatures and high humidity was an ugly introduction to summer for Central Florida.  As we all know, life works differently during these months, which certainly presents opportunities to sneak in some reading. The Collaborative wants to encourage reading widely, and so annually our small contribution … Read more

Religious Freedom in Florida: Let’s Be #1!

Religious Freedom in Florida: Let’s Be #1! Florida ranks number one in so many ways.   One hopes we would rank number one when it comes to religious liberty. Florida currently ranks fourth in the nation in religious liberty behind Mississippi, Illinois, and New Mexico, according to the Center for Religion, Culture, and Democracy.   … Read more

Lean Into Truth

This was not the blog post planned for today. However, when the timing of the Nashville shooting by a transwoman coincided with the airing of our Nuance Podcast’s episodes that were focusing on gender identity issues it was a confluence of factors that called out for some kind of response. Especially, since it seems like … Read more

Christianity and Culture in Dialogue: Herman Bavinck, Public Theology, & Gender

For our final episode for Season 2 of Nuance we welcome Dr. James Eglinton. Dr. Eglinton holds the prestigious position of the Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at New College, the University of Edinburgh. He is the world’s leading authority on Herman Bavinck, who was a Calvinist theologian and churchman. James is a prolific … Read more