Today our podcast, Nuance, is taking a different approach by hearing from mental health counselor, Andy Blanchard.

Are you an emotionally healthy worker? How does your emotional state help or hinder your witness for Christ? Episode 4 drops today and highlights the value of our interior life. Part of nurturing our interior life is to flex our humility muscle so that we are open to diversity of thought, which makes us better people. Listening to an opposing view does not mean that we accept it, but we must fight to ensure we are not rejecting the person when they espouse a view we do not accept.

The divisiveness that characterizes our times is as prevalent among Christians as it is among non-believers. This kind of environment overshadows the Gospel and makes it unappealing. The irony is if we, the people of God, were diligent in our love for one another, charming in our disagreements, and winsome in how we live out the Gospel we would stand out and not help but be noticed. Instead, right now most of us blend in and as a result are contributors to the divisiveness that seems to pervade everything currently and making the Gospel appear to be irrelevant.

You could say that Nuance is striving to be a reset button by reminding us all that our public theology (everything post-benediction) matters because someone is watching and taking account of our witness whether it is poor or for God’s glory. This podcast is also trying to encourage our hearts and souls because living out the joy of our salvation is no easy task. Thankfully, scripture is replete with the proclamations that the Lord is our strength and our refuge (because we need it.)

If you need a reset or are struggling with your attitude or are in need of encouragement, listen to today’s podcast.

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