Nuance Podcast: Gender & Technology: Where do I Belong?


Some may be wondering why we are interviewing Andy Crouch, a culture and technology guru, in a season that is dedicated to exploring the gender identity issues that are bombarding us. The answer will become quickly apparent as you listen to this episode. Andy discusses how the most important intersection of power and culture is technology.

Currently, technology is based upon a dream of what the ideal world would be, and the good life is being liberated from the body. Being freed from our biological body is at the heart of many of the gender identity issues we are facing today. All of this stands in complete opposition to our purpose in life because we were never meant to be a soul without a body or a heart without a brain. Andy reminds us that our technology, in general, does little to help develop the all-ness of heart, the all-ness of soul, the all-ness of mind. Stunted hearts, souls, and minds does not provide gender clarity nor does it serve those who are striving to thoughtfully navigate our new cultural norms. Take the time to listen to this week’s episode and strengthen your heart, soul, and mind. Enjoy!

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