Maybe it is the catchy alliteration of the term “quiet quitting,” but this idea has gotten atremendous amount of press over the last several months. While this may be a newterm, it is certainly not a new reality and in fact, it feels more like the adage ofeverything old is new again. You would have … Read more


Have you ever thought about what magical power you would like to have if that was possible? One of the magical powers I have dreamed about is being able to freeze the world, while I either go on working or take a nap without getting farther behind. I realize there are more noble magical powers … Read more


HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WOOHOO 2023 here we come. This is where if this was a video fireworks would be going off and cascading down, while the popping of champagne corks and the clinking of crystal flutes could be heard in the background. I am all for celebrating benchmarks, but emotionally I am not sure … Read more

Fall is Coming

We are back from our July break or screen sabbatical! While there is no break from the steamy August heat, soon our roads will be filled with school buses, our Fall schedules will begin, and our summer will come to an end. The onset of Fall can have that new beginning feeling as we re-engage … Read more

Hope, Global Order, Incoherence, & Socialism

Today we are being bombarded by events that are numerous and matched only by their intensity. All are finding their ways into our lives and are having an impact upon us one way or another. Whether it is the invasion of Ukraine or rising inflation or the threats to our democracy or the failing physical health of our friends, loved ones, and our own immortality—of which I am reminded of daily with each ache and pain—our hearts and minds are on overload. Given all that we are managing, I thought it would be helpful to offer a myriad of article choices for today’s blog post. Below you will find four different articles that will provide insight into some of things that are weighing heavy on us.

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Lift High the Cross!

When holiday celebrations correspond with our blog article publish date, we often take the opportunity to consider a piece of related music. Today when are going to continue that tradition and bask in the beauty and message of the 19th century English Christian hymn, “Lift High the Cross.”

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Astonishing Numbers

There are times when lists are more impactful than even the most eloquent narrative. This is probably why lists as blog content are popular…you know, things like Top 5 Ways to Be More Efficient, 10 Ways to Improve Your Overall Health, Top 10 Universities of the Year, etc. I am not sure what the best title for this week’s blog post is, but “Astonishing Numbers” may be the most descriptive and it too falls into that category of lists.