Christianity and Culture in Dialogue: Herman Bavinck, Public Theology, & Gender


For our final episode for Season 2 of Nuance we welcome Dr. James Eglinton. Dr. Eglinton holds the prestigious position of the Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at New College, the University of Edinburgh. He is the world’s leading authority on Herman Bavinck, who was a Calvinist theologian and churchman. James is a prolific writer and his latest book Bavinck: A Critical Biography was published in 2020 and has received numerous accolades. He co-hosts one of my favorite podcasts, the Grace in Common podcast.

In this episode we can learn a lot about our faith and how it relates to our culture from Bavinck. One of the big ideas we discuss is Bavinck’s understanding of worldview as compared to an American definition. For Bavinck Christian worldview is not something to be acquired quickly, but rather developed over a long period of time, so that it becomes like a map to navigate our lives. This is distinctly different when compared to the American interpretation of Christian worldview which is when you affirm a certain number of points of belief, then it is said that you subscribe to a Christian worldview. To me, Bavinck’s definition allows for me to grow in my understanding of how the gospel gets applied to life. It also seems to encourage the working out of those difficult challenges that arise as we live and work with fellow image bearers. This episode gives us a number of foundational principles upon which we filter all of life. 


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