When Helping Hurts

When Helping Hurts When the network system for Southwest Airlines failed last year, sending scores of holiday travelers into endless frustration and fatigue, a business analyst described the catastrophe as happening “gradually, and then all at once.” In other words, cracks and fissures emerged in the system over time, weakening the structure to the extent … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: The Second Mountain (by David Brooks)

While not a social scientist by trade, New York Times columnist David Brooks has become one of the most sound, sane and well-reasoned voices in analyzIng our current cultural landscape. Far from the bombastic, politically-tainted voices of many in the media, Brooks does a masterful job of connecting the dots on social trends and human behavior while remaining unflagging in his willingness to shed light in dark places.

Who Do I Want To Be?

As a little boy, a lot of time was spent thinking about that question every child gets asked: What am I going to be when I grow up?  Many of you are still trying to figure it out.  For me, the answer was obvious:  from age 5, I was going to be a professional basketball player,