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Today we have curated several different articles that we pray will help us along the journey of being thoughtful during this cosmic pause we all find ourselves in. Topics like exit strategies for coming out of CoVid-19 to the impact of technology to saving money to anxiety to what is happiness—these are some of the issues that seem to be occupying our minds during this season. Most of these articles are not long, and we have hyperlinked the titles for your convenience. A blurb is included for each to give you some sense of the article. It is worth noting that the first one is from a Canadian publication and was certainly written for their audience; however, there is still much in here that is worthy of our time. The New York Times article uses a term called “tragic optimism” which for the Christ follower would be called the joy of our salvation. Or as Hugh Whelchel puts it in his article, “Standing in the love of Christ is the source of all the motivation we need to do what he has called us to do.” Being thoughtful takes effort and reading what others are talking about can be helpful to our own thinking. Happy reading!

It is Time to Talk about a CoVid-19 Exit Strategy (The Hill Times/Cardus)

By Ray Pennings and Rob Wildeboer 

The renewed vision of enabling us to live as a flourishing society with meaning, purpose, and hope is the rallying cry that will help us through…Let’s also consider another human cost of extended social distancing. Being human means more than just being alive; it means living. In every dimension of human life, we are social beings who need others.

Digital Learning: How is it Shaping our Families? (BioLogos)

By David I. Smith

Technology is more than an inert tool, but less than a prison. It involves practices, and the technological practices that we build together make a difference to what technology means and how it affects us…Setting thoughtful limits to what we ask of others is part of living in Christian community.

On Coronavirus Lockdown? Look for Meaning, Not Happiness (The New York Times)

By Emily Esfahani Smith

…45 percent—feel that the coronavirus has negatively affected their mental health. When researchers and clinicians look at who copes well in crisis and even grows through it, it’s not those who focus on pursuing happiness to feel better; it’s those who cultivate an attitude of tragic optimism.

Retooling Your Budget for CoVid-19? 5 Smart Steps to Take Now (Forbes)

By Rebecca Lake

While the federal government has just passed an economic stimulus package designed to put cash in the hands of many Americans, receiving one-time payments is only a short-term solution. Making an emergency budget for the long term can help if you’re experiencing tough financial times now or if you anticipate a job layoff or loss down the line.

Faith in a Time of High Anxiety (Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics)

By Hugh Whelchel

We love him because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19) Standing in the love of Christ is the source of all the motivation we need to do what he has called us to do.


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