Do You Have A Dream?


At the beginning of this week we, as a nation, celebrated MLK Day. While not everyone received a day off, it would be hard to miss that much of our country was moving to a different rhythm this past Monday.  It is curious to me how a variation, even a seemingly insignificant one (like a day off), can prove to be a positive disruptor. These positive disruptors can manifest themselves in a myriad of ways, something out of the ordinary.

The suggestion today is to take a moment and indulge in the positive disruption of reading through Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech. Whether or not you are overly familiar with this speech, or have only heard famous excerpts from it, there is value in reading all the way through it. It is not that long in text, but is exceedingly rich in inspiration.

Read it with the racial divide that Martin Luther King was so desperately trying to bridge. Read it with God’s economy in mind, meaning that there are other applications for the truths found in this speech. Read it with an open mind and heart to be inspired to dream for how you can promote the flourishing of humanity.

Thank you to Brian Kraus for his photo from Unsplash

Crosland Stuart