Words matter. Words provide rich texture and depth and dimension to all of life. This glossary is our understanding of these terms and concepts, in the context of faith and work.



consisting of two parts; theologically possessing both the secular and sacred mindset. 


from Greek, oikos (home) + nemomai (management) = oikonomia or home management.


A business, initiative, or entrepreneurial venture. Implies effort. Or, see enterprise.

Imago Dei

Latin; the image of the Divine Creator implanted in every human.

Inaugurated Eschatology

a term used to describe the belief that the end times (or latter days) were inaugurated at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. In other words, Jesus' bringing of the Kingdom of God has both a present and future aspects. Sometimes called "already and not yet." (from Theopedia.)

Incarnational Faith

faith that is not just spoken, but lived; to embody through our lives the Gospel we believe.

New Jerusalem

the Biblical name for heaven as described the Apostle John in Revelation 21:2.

Noetic Effects of Sin

human reason is affected by the Fall, but still able to discern truth. This concept helps Christians understand how non-Christians are able to pursue that which is true, beautiful and good.


leading to or assuring salvation.


the labor of life, whether for income or not, that we do because we were created to be like our Father (God).