Working for the Wrong Reasons


Our faith certainly affirms rest as part of the regular rhythm of a healthy life. But what about when our weekends and time away becomes our focus? What are we working for then? Walter R. Strickland of the Intersect Project explains in his post “Livin’ For the Weekend? Then You’re Working for the Wrong Reasons:”

“The song “Livin’ for the Weekend” was made and remade because it resonated with the American workforce. Each Monday, laborers punch the clock with the thrill of the weekend behind them and the dread of another workweek ahead. For many, five of seven days each week are a necessary evil, endured to pay the bills arising from a weekend of leisure. Many workers dream of becoming wealthy enough to escape the rigors and monotony of the workplace. For them, work is a curse to be escaped.

“The absence of biblical teaching on work, combined with common cultural misconceptions about work’s value and role, result in a miserable workforce that labors for all the wrong reasons. Although the tide is changing, many Westerners work almost solely to make an income. In this paradigm, we define success by our ability to earn money and sustain a particular lifestyle. Working primarily for pay has led people to lucrative careers that leave them unfulfilled without their knowing why. Could they be more fulfilled in another job? Is all work cursed and therefore miserable?” Read more…

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