What is Cultural Renewal?


What exactly do we mean when we use the term “cultural renewal”? Below is an excerpt from “What is Cultural Renewal?” a post by Mason King at The Village Church in Texas.

“Gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication are two traits found in the life of a disciple, but how do we see them in the Christian’s daily experience? The action of cultural renewal is an expression of these two traits, but exactly what this means can be easily confused.

“Ken Myers defines culture as “what human beings make of the world,” and this can be understood in both senses—how we attribute meaning to things we create, and then how the things created shape us.”

“The extent that culture shapes us, both inherited and present, can be an overwhelming reality. The influence one has upon the culture appears minuscule in comparison. As the world turns increasingly toward secularism, the Christian can face discouragement in their desire to see culture give glory to God by acknowledging and delighting in His presence, beauty and plan of redemption for the world.”  Read more…

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