TAKE TWO! Please accept our apologies for the technical glitch last week . Some of you were able to view the video and others because of different email platforms were not. Here is a link that will let you click and go right to the video. The spiritual encouragement and practical business principles that Jim Wert provides in the clip are good words we all need. ENJOY!

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“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is

 not the turbulence—it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”

—Peter Drucker

Today is another installment of The Collaborative vlog. If you are reading this on November 11 (the day this was posted), then it is day 240 of Orange County, Florida being under some measure of restrictions due to COVID19. While I am weary of masks and the myriad of daily calculations (i.e. to go or not to go), these are such minor disruptions compared to those related to our work and spiritual livelihoods. Whether or not you are struggling, there is no doubt that you are only one degree removed from someone who’s world is being destabilized.  

People’s lives have been up-ended on multiple fronts, and today we are going to drill down on two of these—spiritual and professional—in my interview with Jim Wert of Wert & Associates. The two big questions he attempts to tackle (more like scratch the surface, because of time constraints) are:

  • Where is God in this season of unrest and pandemic? 

  • How then do we navigate these turbulent waters in our businesses and organizations?

Jim is uniquely equipped and qualified to address both of these areas. He is an elder and an active leader in the Presbyterian Church in America, a past moderator of both the PCA denomination’s General Assembly and the Metro Atlanta Presbytery. His faith is seamlessly integrated into his life both professionally and personally.  There is a maturity to his faith that speaks of humility, servant leadership, and a long abiding walk with the Lord.

Jim’s company is focused on building strategic clarity and organizational health for a wide array of clients. Often working with leadership teams and governance boards on: 

Strategic Planning

Organizational Design

Capacity Building

Leadership Development

His corporate clients have spanned start-up ventures to Fortune 500 businesses across a variety of industries.

He is no stranger to the nonprofit world having served over three hundred organizations including national and international networks. Jim has more than 25 years of experience as a strategic consultant and has worked extensively in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Hope you enjoy this vlog.

In our interview Jim references four things businesses and organizations should be considering. Since watching and listening to a vlog can make note taking difficult, here is a one page summary of his ideas for businesses.

Adapting Organizations to Survive in an Uncertain World: Overview

By Jim Wert

In this pandemic world, we’ve gone from a “blizzard” (surely we’ll be through this in a month or so) to “winter” (even if a 6 month Canadian winter) to “mini Ice Age” (when will this ever be over?) What’s the answer? What are we learning? How do we “future proof” our organizations in ways that will yield better results, and healthier organizations as current challenges linger, and new challenges emerge? It’s GOT to be more than just figuring out how to use remote technology better…

1. Build in organizational resilience with:

Backup systems, storage of critical information 

 (the classic disaster recovery plan)

Deep(er) bench strength

Cross-trained staff

Emergency funds, reserves

2. Strengthen your planning “muscle” by:

Creating rigorous and realistic contingency and scenario planning

     (versus an addendum at the back of a notebook)

Developing systems that promote continuous strategic thinking and review

     (versus annual document updates)

Nurturing the “Stockdale principle”: 

     1) clarity and commitment on objectives, Mission Focus, and

    2) brutal honesty about the facts

Seeking a diversity of views

     (versus getting stuck in incrementalism, confirmation bias, and/or 

     institutional arrogance)

3. Increase agility by:

Simplifying – organizational structures, decision-making processes, 

     product/service offerings, etc.

Localizing – pressing decision-making closer to the point of contact 

     with target customers/constituents, providing immediately accessible 

     support services

Accelerating “feedback loops” – e.g., on programs, products, people

Examining cultural barriers (e.g., fear of failure)

4. Build high-performing teams with:

Clear and common goals

Transparent, trustworthy leadership

Mutual accountability

Positively propulsive conflict


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