programs & Events

We offer a wide range of programs and events to give you the opportunity to explore more fully the true meaning of work.


Special Speakers Series

Throughout the year The Collaborative offers several ways to engage special speakers on cultural and economic renewal.

'Lunch & Learn' functions feature a man or woman who integrates their faith and work on a daily basis in a manner worthy of emulation. 

If we want to love the city, we have to know the city. Taking a posture of curious inquiry, we invite a marketplace leader, the director of a major cultural institution, or senior government official to answer our '6 Questions' in a luncheon setting, or on video. The Collaborative also hosts annual Q Commons and CG2017 conferences for the Orlando community.

Biblical Entrepreneurship

Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) is a three-part, comprehensive business discipleship course that provides a strong mix of core business concepts and Biblical principles. Taught in intensive workshops, online or weekend courses, BE is designed to teach a Kingdom outlook for the marketplace.


Young Biblical Entrepreneur

The Young Biblical Entrepreneur (YBE) is a Christian entrepreneurship program that prepares students ages 10–18 for real world business challenges by teaching them the value of teamwork, biblical ethics and taking an idea from conception to development for profit. The program helps students create Kingdom businesses God’s way. The Collaborative partners with Four12 & The Youth Empowerment Project to bring YBE to urban youth in downtown Orlando.

The Gotham Fellowship

The Gotham Fellowship is designed to equip Christ-followers for gospel leadership in the world and cultural renewal at home. It is an intensive training program that provides theological, spiritual, and relational foundations required for meaningful and sustainable integration of faith and work. Learn more.


A variety of classes and coursework is offered throughout the week and on Sunday mornings, designed to teach the basics of understanding how to connect the dots between faith and work. All are designed to take participants further along in their journey of discovering their identity in Christ, and the implications of the Gospel on our work. See our Calendar for the next class that may interest you.

Vocational Guilds

Guilds are a means of helping individuals identify with their calling rather than their profession. Our understanding helps us establish a spiritual identity connected to God, not create action or work in order to connect to God. Through Guilds, we establish a new vision for our profession, a view beyond our paycheck or status, which includes defining a new standard of how to work through ethical and best practices. Gathering with those who share a common profession is an opportunity to be encouraged by and learn from those in your industry who are just starting out, or have decades of experience. It is a chance to hone your craft as well as your soul. Look for more information on Vocational Guilds in the coming months.

The Orlando Heart of the City Fellows

The Orlando Heart of the City Fellows Program is a nine month post-college fellowship in vocation and theology. This is offered to recent college graduates who are seeking a more fully-developed understanding of work and God's call on their lives, in a hands-on environment providing a wealth of practical experience. Fellows live with a family and fully immerse themselves in the program for nine  months. Fellows split their time between a part-time internship, intentional study and applied discussion, & service in the church. This program is in partnership with the of The Heart of the City Foundation.

The Fellows are led by Bret Allen, Program Director. Learn More.

Art & Engagement

Art is the imagination of a culture, as well as a medium through which we evaluate ourselves, choices, failings and victories. A distinct and important part of cultural renewal is communicated through our relationship with the arts, which is why The Collaborative supports and engages with the arts community in Central Florida.

We showcase art in our mini-gallery on the campus of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, highlighting artists who understand their creative gifts to be from God, and who seek to use their gifts to craft and engage culture. New exhibits are showcased each quarter.

The Collaborative is a truly unique offering on the Metro Orlando philanthropic scene as the most comprehensive and focused faith and work initiative in the area. It is a welcome addition to our maturing philanthropic sector that is moving beyond short-term relief to leveraged investment that moves the needle on our most pressing social issues. With its strategic attention on regionally influential and aspiring leaders, The Collaborative is well-positioned to be a leading force for good in our community for years to come.
— Phil Hissom, Founder and CEO of The Polis Institute