Many Christian high school artists are looking for mentorship, belonging, and opportunities for self-expression. Some want to create in an environment that builds them in their faith as well as in their art. But there aren’t many programs teaching high school artists about how their art-making and their faith intersect in a mentoring community. So, young Christian artists are left to develop their gifts with the culture as the primary voice shaping their art-making.

The Heart Youth Arts Residency is a unique experience for exceptionally-talented high school students seeking mentorship, community, and desire to connect their art and their Christian faith. The Heart program will grow your artistry as well as your faith so you are able to uniquely speak into the culture.

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Description of the Program:

Week of February 20 to June 30

Over the course of the residency, students will be:

  • Paired with an adult mentor who specializes in their chosen art and will guide the student in developing an original project!
  • Given multiple opportunities to share and present their project to an intimate audience of their peers, mentors, friends and family.  
  • Matched to a mature Christian leader for weekly discussions over assigned reading material.  The material is intended to help the student contemplate matters related to their faith but also to their role as an artist.
  • Given the chance to build community with other student artists.
  • Provided with flexibility!  Students and their mentors will decide the time and place of their individual meetings - however students will be required to meet with their Christian mentor at least 8 times and meet with their artistic mentor 6 times over the course of the program. Some of these meetings may be virtual.

Student Residents Will Receive Full Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of the Heart of the City Foundation and the Symonds Family Foundation, up to four students will be given a full scholarship in 2023 to participate so there will be no cost to the students or their families to participate.  The only expenses the students or their families have are materials that need to be purchased for the student’s project as well as transportation to in-person meetings!

Who are good candidates for this program?

Ideal candidates for the program are high school students (grades 9-12) with a serious appetite to grow as an artist and in their faith. No prior formal training is required in their specific discipline; however, students need to show evidence of natural gifting in their proposed art medium.  More importantly, the ideal candidates must have a desire to be mentored and an ability to commit to the program.  Interested students need to complete the online application on or before February 1, 2023. Each applicant will be required to submit samples of their work along with two letters of recommendation.

What artistic disciplines will be considered?

Anything in the visual, performing, or literary arts: creative writing, filmmaking, graphic design, sculpting, painting, illustration, drawing, songwriting, photography, choreography… you name it! If you have questions as to your qualifications for the residency, email us at artsinfo@fpco.org.

Important Dates for Applying:

  • Applications accepted December 14 - February 4
  • Interviews will take place between February 6 - 17

Dates for Participation:

  •  Arts Residents' Meet Up - March 5 (2:30-4pm)*
  • Fellowship Sunday at FPCO- April 16 (8:45am - 12:30pm)  
  • Works in Progress Showcase - April 24 (6:30-8:30pm)*
  • Resident Summer Showcase - June 22 (7-8:30pm)*

*Mandatory dates for all residents. 

Special Note: Some residents may also be invited to present their original work during the Arts Fellowship Orlando Summer Showcase on the evening of Sunday, July 9 at The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. More details on this will be forthcoming!

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