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Today is the second installment of our audiocast, Feast of Ideas (see previous blog post for the first episode.) The discussion picks up with Ken Myers unpacking the premise he put forward in the first audiocast that the renewal of theology and the renewal of the church are fundamental to all other renewals. It is always beneficial when there is the opportunity to expand upon such a broad sweeping statement.

Once again Case Thorp and Justin Holcomb are co-hosting. Through their commentary they are working diligently to help us marinate in the rich ideas that are sure to surface when Ken Myers is in the conversation. Big ideas are limited when we don’t make the effort to understand the implications for our own lives. 

Ken has and does think deeply about the church and the culture. He strives for integration among all aspects of life—family, faith, work ,culture, art, church, etc. His thoughtfulness and brilliant insight typically cause people to pause, and this is a good thing. Our prayer would be that you enjoy today’s episode and that you pause and reflect on what the renewal of theology and the renewal of the church would look like in your own life (in all of our lives.)

Happy Listening!

If the imbedded player does not play, click the link below to go directly to Episode 1.

Ken Myers is the host and producer of the Mars Hill Audio Journal, a bimonthly audio magazine that examines issues in contemporary culture from a framework shaped by Christian conviction. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he studied film theory and criticism, and of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Dr. Case Thorp serves as the Senior Associate Pastor for Evangelism at the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, and was the 39th Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He also leads The Collaborative: for Cultural & Economic Renewal.

Dr. Justin Holcomb has taught at RTS since 2000 and serves as Adjunct Professor of Theology. Dr. Holcomb has also taught at the University of Virginia, Emory University and Agnes Scott College.

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