Do Hobbies Have Value?



This week’s article reinforces what we know instinctively, but cannot always put into words, that hobbies are good for us. By not being able to articulate this position, it is too easily dismissed or undervalued and then replaced with something far more meritless. There are certainly seasons in our lives when hobbies may seem impossible, but as I get older I do see the value in allowing them to get a foothold in the rhythms and habits of my life. As I am witnessing my parents’ generation age, the value and role of a hobby takes on an even more prominent value proposition especially if folks remain healthy well into retirement. There is so much that could be said about how our avocations contribute to the nurturing of our mind, body, and soul. While the article below is brief, it is a good place to start to stimulate our thinking about such things. Happy Reading!

Good Work and the Gift of a Hobby

by Steve Lindsey

This year’s pandemic has seen an astonishing surge in the hobby industry.

Extending well beyond binge-watching your favorite on-demand show, businesses have seen upticks and backorders for jigsaw puzzles and every other sort of art, craft, and board game. Even bread making has seen historical levels of renewed interest.

The general public’s concern over the economic disruption, staying safe, and extended lockdowns at home have all necessitated the search for a positive focus on something new, some relief from the daily stress of this moment.

Hobbies, then, can be a great option for many reasons, not the least of which is their overlooked ability to enhance our regular daily jobs. 

Though on Labor Day we celebrated the vocational work of Americans, we would be shortsighted to miss out on celebrating the blessings of the avocational pastimes we enjoy as well.


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