When Is Water-Cooler Chit Chat Gossip?

While we all have vastly different workplace experiences, I hope and pray you have not seen the devastating effects of gossip that I have witnessed.  The crushing power of gossip has the ability to destroy people and entities.  Like so many sins, this one has seductive and sneaky aspects to it.  Often we find ourselves in the middle of gossip without realizing that we ever waded into the deep end.  This is why it is important for us to challenge ourselves to think do I engage in it, promote it, have I ever thought about it, etc. Caroline Cross, a communications fellows at the Institute of Faith, Work & Economics, helps us frame our thinking about the “water-cooler” in the article below.

Championing At-Home Work…

For all of those who find that managing their home is their primary responsibility, be encouraged. And for those whom it is secondary and even under appreciated, then think again. The interview below is an important one for everyone regardless of our roles in all things related to the home/family.  Kristin Brown, Vice President of Communications for the Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics (IFWE), interviews Courtney Reissig for a recent IFWE blog.