Do Hobbies Have Value?

This week’s article reinforces what we know instinctively, but cannot always put into words, that hobbies are good for us. By not being able to articulate this position, it is too easily dismissed or undervalued and then replaced with something...

Fear Is A Great Motivator: Love In A Time of Pandemic

“Fear is a great motivator.” Fear is the currency of 2020. Like compound interest, it settled in our quarantined hearts and now grows day by day. It purchases little plots of our minds and conversations until we run out of...

Labor Day 2020

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The Collaborative promotes the value of all work whether paid or unpaid. However, we tend to feature and discuss the paid kind more often, but not today. Elise Daniel challenges us all to revisit how we think about household activities,...

Time to Pivot

For those of you keeping track, today (August 13, 2020) is day 134 of Orange County, Florida curbing our behavior in some way because of COVID-19. When this first began most people were willing to abide by guidelines and mandates....

Hope: The Promise Inside Of Silence

I was supposed to write this blog post weeks ago, but I didn’t. It’s been easy to be listless, to do the bare minimum. I’ve been watching a lot of superhero shows like Batman, Spiderman, and Static Shock with my...

50 Shades of a Both/And Moment

Is it possible to support the blue and empathize with the black community? Can a white person struggle to understand systemic racism and a black person reject intersectionality? Am I a white supremacist if I voted for Trump, or a...

COVID-19 and Liminal Space

Throughout life we are always asking questions, but once the stay-at-home orders normalized the nature of the disease, the sheer number of questions we started asking exploded exponentially. Will I lose my job? When will sports return? When will we...

Common Grace in Amazing Times

From the Duomo of Milan on Easter Sunday Andrea Bocelli blessed a global, virtual audience singing the eponymous Amazing Grace. Just hours earlier my neighbors and I stood in our cul-de-sac singing the same hymn, a hymn Johnny Cash called...

Thoughtful Reads for Careful Times

Today we have curated several different articles that we pray will help us along the journey of being thoughtful during this cosmic pause we all find ourselves in. Topics like exit strategies for coming out of CoVid-19 to the impact...

Navigating Turbulence: My Wellbeing

This is our third and final installment of the three-part vlog series entitled Navigating Turbulence (Part 1 and Part 2 here). We are considering our own well-being in this week’s vlog. Case Thorp and Donelle Wright, a seasoned leadership coach,...

Navigating Turbulence: Communications

Today, communications (personally and corporately) is the focus of our second installment of The Collaborative’s three-part vlog series entitled Navigating Turbulence. “The constant gaze of a Zoom meeting can be draining in ways an in-person meeting isn’t,” says Jeremy Bailenson...


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