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The Church & Culture

As part of a 50-year initiative to promote the common good in Orlando, The Collaborative has been purposefully designed to help people connect the dots between work and faith. Strategically developed, the program equips workers to think beyond the pay check...
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Work, not Toil

How was your understanding of work formed? Many of us base our understanding of work on a theological misconception. Anyone who has tuned in to the Biblical echo in Western culture remembers something about the ground being cursed, and the...
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Working for the Wrong Reasons

Our faith certainly affirms rest as part of the regular rhythm of a healthy life. But what about when our weekends and time away becomes our focus? What are we working for then? Walter R. Strickland of the Intersect Project explains in his post...
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What is Cultural Renewal?

What exactly do we mean when we use the term "cultural renewal"? Below is an excerpt from "What is Cultural Renewal?" a post by Mason King at The Village Church in Texas. "Gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication are two traits found in...
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Star Wars & The Bible

My colleague, Jack Peebles, loves the Star Wars movie saga. I thought I was a fan, and I am. Yet, Jack has shown me new heights of character appreciation, plot connection, and theological meaning. The recent release of Rogue One:...


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