The Nobility of Work (2.0)

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The Nobility of Work

The job shaming of actor Geoffry Owens (known primarily from The Cosby Show) last week should cause all of us to pause. In case you missed it, let me catch you up on pop news. Geoffry Owens, like many actors, is a part of an industry that is not known for steady work. Geoffry took a job at Trader Joe’s to remain flexible for auditions and still provide income to support his family.

Recently, a customer took a picture of him at Trader Joe’s and then posted it on social media with disparaging remarks. While remaining gracious Geoffry did take offense to her comments but was quickly overwhelmed by all the positive posts that began pouring in, and soon after Good Morning America picked up the story. This interview went viral because of Geoffry’s amazing attitude and pro-work mindset.

Now back to the opening thought which is that Geoffry’s comments should cause all of us to pause and reflect. Have we ever thought less of someone because they bagged our groceries or swept our floors? Have we ever wondered when someone was going to get serious and grow some ambition, so they could quit that hourly job? Have we ever wondered why our friend who is the holder of multiple academic degrees is the caretaker of the ink aisle at Staples? Have we ever needed a job and refused to pursue the hourly retail route because we were embarrassed at the prospect of who might see us? Have we ever been too self-absorbed and caught up in pretense that we have not been grateful for the job the Lord has provided? Have we ever been so entitled that we do not respect the work our co-workers do? Have we ever paused for a moment to recognize that our jobs are not all about ourselves? These are just some of the questions that should come to mind when watching this interview.

All these things get at our understanding or lack there of the dignity of work. In the interview below Geoffry Owens strikes a clarion call for work—it is good, it is enobling, and it does not define us. Rather he highlights the more important meta narratives of providing for our families, the value of hard work, and virtues like humility, quiet confidence in who we are as humans, and dignity. Here is the link to the video.


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