Dancing In the Streets


My apologies all the way around for what amounted to a great big tease last week when no video was embedded in the previous blog. The problem has been sorted out but the only solution is to include the link rather than the actual video. The ideas that Dr. Amy Sherman, a Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research (where she directs the Center on Faith in Communities), puts forward is worthy of our consideration as we embark on vocational guilds together. For this reason, let's try again with a link to the video.

For the next eighteen months, The Collaborative is going to be focused on vocational guilds. We will have lots of time to give a historical context for them, to provide a working definition for them, and to define what our program will look like for vocational guilds, but for now we just want to whet your appetite.  

Work is not toil. It is, as you will hear from Amy Sherman, (in the video below) an endeavor that ought to ignite rejoicing in us. Sherman goes on to challenge that this rejoicing is not the kind we enjoy when we celebrate a birthday, but rather it is more akin to the dancing in the streets that took place on V Day.  I am pretty sure most of us have not had a dancing in the street moment with our work.  Enjoy the video below and begin thinking how you could steward your vocation and be a foretaste of heaven.


Click here for the video



Thanks for the photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Crosland Stuart