Advent and Work


By the time you read this blog, we will be well into Advent. It is a good thing for all of us to reflect on Advent and in the context of The Collaborative consider how it relates to work. Advent is about matters of the soul and, therefore, we will be better for its consideration.

Damein Schitter and Ben Kandt, both of New City Orlando, in a recent podcast discuss some of the practical implications of advent.  While their conversation is not specifically about work, there are insights, encouragements, and challenges that are easily relatable to all work. Specifically, their comments on waiting present interesting thoughts on which to noodle.

Culturally, there is nothing virtuous about waiting, and yet throughout Scripture we are called to wait on the Lord and to be still and know that I am Lord. There is the fundamental assumption (particularly in the marketplace) that no good can come from waiting—it is not progress, it is not advancing the cause, it is not success. The questions then become how do I grow my appreciation for this Biblical mandate, what does that look like, and how do I more fully cultivate it in my own soul.

As you listen to this podcast, think about the following:

What do you yearn for?

What opportunities are there in waiting?

What are the avoidance tactics used to prevent waiting?

What am I missing from not waiting?

Once you click the LISTEN HERE button, click on episode #5 (December 2, 2018)

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QUOTE: “Hatred erodes the container it is carried in”

- Senator Alan Simpson (President Bush’s Funeral)

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