Great Is Thy Faithfulness...


Great is Thy Faithfulness...

In the midst of the hum of generators, the buzzing of chainsaws, and the miserable humidity, Floridians are beginning the painstaking process of putting their lives back together after Hurricane Irma. These can be challenging days especially if you are one of the 65% of Floridians who do not have power.  There is a massive interruption of life that comes with hurricanes that can be frustrating and depressing all at the same time.  While it may be difficult to understand unless you have been through one, there is evidence that grace abounds. The second stanza of the beloved hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness, says that  

Morning by Morning, new mercies I see.

These mercies are dressed as neighbors helping neighbors.  Or neighbors actually talking to neighbors. Or in the opening of homes that have electricity to share showers, laundry, and meals with one another.  Perhaps one of the greatest mercies is the appreciation that comes with the deepening of gratitude for those things we take for granted on normal days like clean water and power. Yes, these seemingly small things are actually extremely significant aspects that make our lives more efficient and comfortable at a minimum. Whether you have lived through one of the recent hurricanes or the wild fires out west or you have just been consuming the tragedies via the news may you see new mercies from the Creator of Heaven and Earth morning by morning.


Thanks to Business Insider for photo of Hurricane Irma five days out.

Crosland Stuart