Guided By Faith, Not Culture

Meet Patti Rader who is embarking on her own leap of faith.  Several years ago, after much prayer and consideration, she believed that God was calling her out of ministry and to join her husband in the business world. In many Christian circles this kind of move would be criticized and while maybe not said out loud this decision would illicit much judgement. Of course then, there are others who would not understand.  They would not be able to conceive of a God who would lead someone away from ministry because after all isn't ministry the highest calling.

There is no doubt that ministry is not only a high calling, but one that is special. However, our highest calling is being where God wants us. Elizabeth Elliott says it best when she said, the most dangerous place in the world is to be standing outside of the will of God. Patti did not make this move lightly and nor was her choice the comfortable one. When she chose this path, she was stepping into the unfamiliar world of I.T. and out of the known recruiting realm of Christian classical education. After much soul searching, she determined that she would be standing on solid ground and in the will of God, by joining her husband in their growing I.T. business. 

This path has not been easy, but Patti has been confirmed in her decision time and time again. Patti is an inspiration for us all. We should all be walking so closely with the Lord that we are aware of the Holy Spirit's prompting especially when it means leaving and taking the unconventional path.

Crosland Stuart