The Little Drummer Boy Got it Right

Music and specifically carols are such a wonderful part of the Christmas season.  Like anything else, singing very familiar songs can become rote, but beginning today I would encourage you to really pay attention to the lyrics.  So many of them are full of rich reminders of the true meaning of Christmas-the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is why we are featuring a few carols this month in our blog, Facebook, and twitter posts.  The article below by Irene Smith looks at an old favorite and as she says is "a meditation on the “Little Drummer Boy” and how it encourages us to offer our talents as gifts to Christ."   

Like the Little Drummer Boy, Every One of Us Has Been Given Talents We Can Give as Gifts to Christ

I love to give gifts; it’s my favorite part of Christmas. It’s a special kind of fun to choose the perfect toys for my six nephews and find the softest sweater for my mom.

Harder to find though, is the gift I can give to my Savior. Actually, I never think of giving a gift to Christ. He does not need anything from us; he is perfect.

When my parents always say they don’t need anything from me when I ask what they would like for Christmas, it doesn’t change my desire to find something to show them I care about their special quirks. But, what can I give to the Lord?

Crosland Stuart