There's Nothing Ordinary About You

“I’m useless. I don’t have any gifts or talents to offer,” one woman told me during a vocational profile with her. Surprisingly, many people feel this way. Many of us have lost our sense of dignity and self-worth. As a result, we are blind to our own inherent creativity and God-given talents. If we fail to see and believe in the dignity of ourselves and every human being, we will struggle to contribute to God’s call to creativity.

Art Lindsley
Common Ground—Possibility or Pipe Dream?

Forty percent of Americans believe that those with opposing political views pose a threat to the nation. In many ways, we are more divided than ever before: from race, to women’s rights, to conservative and liberal policies. But when we focus on differences it’s impossible to move toward creating community.

An Old Fashioned Ribbing

Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise, is gunned down at a baseball game. A Congressman playing America's favorite pastime is shot for his political positions? America is ill. Case Thorp calls for a renewed citizenry. 

Case Thorp
Social Justice Isn't What You Think It Is

Today, many people justify actions or an argument under the mantle of “social justice.” In many of these cases, however, the term social justice remains undefined. It becomes a blunt force instrument to support actions that on the surface may seem compassionate, but in reality may be unhealthy or even destructive.

Andrew Spencer
Why Going to Church Reduces Stress

You might be wondering what does this particular blog have to do with The Collaborative or at the very least thinking this article seems to be a little out of our mainstream.  At first glance you would be correct, however, upon closer examination the broader important themes begin to emerge as well as the relationship to matters of faith and work.

Jim Denison
When Is Water-Cooler Chit Chat Gossip? (And How to Avoid It.)

An article in The Wall Street Journal explored the dilemma of gossip in the workplace. Entitled They’re Gossiping About You: Strategies to Silence the Office Rumor Mill; the Talk Can Even Work in Your Favor, the article chronicles just that. Complete with winsome pictures and flow charts, Sue Shellenbarger’s column gives the following advice to frustrated nine-to-fivers:

Caroline Cross
Championing At-Home Work...

For all of those who find that managing their home is their primary responsibility, be encouraged. And for those whom it is secondary and even under appreciated, then think again.

Kristin Brown
Stanley Needs a Job

The Polis Institute's, Phil Hissom, points out the difference between job programs and getting a specific person a job. Huge difference.

Phil Hissom
Answering Doubts

No matter how confident we are, none of us is immune from feelings of inadequacies in our work. Questions stream into our consciousness without notice:  Am I up for the task? Is my life a disappointment to God? Am I meeting expectations? What is God doing in my life? Does my work have meaning?

Crosland Stuart
Debunk the Secular Mindset of Work

We all share in our universal struggle for meaningful lives that fulfill a purpose, while at the same time give us the fruit of a flourishing life, namely, contentment.  The problem is most of us go about our pursuit in all the wrong ways.

Crosland Stuart
Wanted: A Meaningful Job

If you’ve read anything about millennials in the past five years, you know they desire meaningful work. As described previously on this blog, this desire can be a significant source of anxiety as they hunt for jobs.

Hugh Welchel
Interview: How God Helped Me Write My TED Talk

The following entry is a wonderful expression of faith and work coming together as they should in the lives of both women featured.  Tami Kaiser in her capacity with Women Doing Well conducted an interview with Julie Colombino, who founded REBUILD.

Tami Kaiser
A Technological Confession

The Collaborative was energized by our visit from Andy Crouch in February. The author, blogger, and presenter executed twelve speaking engagements in five short days! Every audience he touched, whether they be seminary professors, faith and work leaders in Orlando, or the masses, Andy Crouch presented complex ideas in a simple format that touched the heart. I have been surprised, gratified, and moved by the resulting conversations he sparked that continue today.

Case Thorp
America Needs Work

Last December, with a push from President-elect Donald Trump, Carrier Corporation decided to retain around eight hundred jobs in Indiana that it had slated to shift to Mexico. Commentators from George Will to James Pethokoukis and the Wall Street Journal criticized the episode as a violation of market principles. Larry Summers called it an ominous shift from “rule of law capitalism” to “ad hoc deal capitalism.”

Max Torres